Meow at the cows.
Tucas  tuesday!

Tucas tuesday!

Oh my god

Someone please jump dem bones.

Things are like circles.

And I like circles.

Unfortunate philosophy

I don’t know how to feel about a lot if things in my life, so I choose not to feel anything at all.

Being Maria

Being Maria

The problem with being the champion of youth

Is that, as an adult, when I don’t win,
When I don’t achieve,
The rain cloud appears and
I cry silently to myself the whole way home.

For the first time in a long time

I’m not sure I love anyone.

Or anyone I should.

Hello kind artsy-fartsy tumblr folk! I just want to throw yet another starving artist plea into interweb-outerspace.

Here’s the real skinny;I want desperately to be a world famous opera singer with every single bone and drop of blood in my body. I know for a fact that I have the skill, and I have drive and the hunger. But one thing I really don’t have (and I never have) is the money. The opera world is unfair to poor-kids like me. Flying to auditions, paying for coachings, paying for application fees even is taxing on my slim artist-salary wallet. 

I’m reaching out to every corner of the internet to help me make my career happen. Because this trip is the next step. This trip means that I have a chance at a JOB next year singing opera full time This means I don’t have to go back and pay 60000 dollars that I don’t have for grad school that I don’t need.

Even if you can’t contribute, I’d love it if you reblog and reblog and reblog and share with everyone you can.

Thanks tumblr, it’s been real.

So busy, might as well be a blur
<p> All of the things, all of the worries<br>
All of the music<br>
All of the waiting.<br>
It's everything, folks. </p>